Jüri Tint

Jüri Tindiga saime tuttavaks, kui elasime Californias. Kord oli mul vaja teha demonstratsioon esinemine Calfornia Kunstiinstituudis. Ürituse telljaks oli Ameerika Portreekunsti Ühing. Palusingi siis oma värsket sõpra, värvikat isiksust, Jürit, mulle poseerima.

Väike vihje üritusele toodi ära ka International Artist Magazine nr 62, august/september 2008.

Aapo Pukk Demonstration

Yesterday, at the California Art Institute, we were treated to a painting demonstration by portrait artist Aapo Pukk (www.aapopukk.com). It was arranged by Johanna Spinks, the California Co-State Ambassador of the Portrait Society of America. Johanna is also a teacher at the Institute and a great portrait artist (www.JohannaSpinks.com).

First, let me say that with a name like Aapo Pukk, I’m already halfway through the door even if I never saw a stroke of his. I wish I had been Estonian just to have a name that fun. Turned out, he was every bit as fun as his name sounds. Here’s a little secret about me. Normally, in demonstrations, after about an hour, I feel like a twig in a hurricane. I don’t care how great the artist is, I am bored to tears and Jonesin ‘ to bolt. But with Aapo, I was glued to my seat. That guy has more flourish and charm than Bill trying to talk a lady out of her Jordan Almonds. There was also a very good looking photographer there taking a million pictures, and between the two of them, I wasn’t leaving early.

I loved Aapo’s comment in the very beginning of the demo when he was faced with a blank canvas. He turned around to the audience and told us that this was his favorite part of the painting because he was “still winner”.  He said his three best friends as an artist were the mirror, time, and distance–all of these being aids in helping him see the painting evolve. He certainly used the mirror trick a lot, and paced so much that I was exhausted by the end of it. The photographer (looked to be Italian descent) got it all on film or digit, whichever.

In the end, Aapo got a lovely loose suggestion of the model as you see in the above picture. Given more time, perhaps he would have reined it in but it was certainly painting gymnastics at its finest to get that much paint to that large a canvas, that fast, and it was fun to watch. The next demonstration will be by artist Adrian Gottlieb on February 24th. You can see his work on his site at www.adriangottlieb.com.

Our thanks to Johanna for arranging an inspirational afternoon. Did I mention the photographer? Nice equipment.

Posted on December 10, 2007 by Lisa

Our Window On The World Of Painting by Bill Jones and Lisa Towers


Birthday Treats and Aapo Pukk

Marian Fortunati

Saturday was my birthday.  It was a bittersweet day.  Sweet because my family was there to celebrate together.  My son’s birthday is today so we joined the celebrations and had a grand old time.  Bitter because my mom isn’t any better and although home and more comfortable, she’s not really here with us most of the time.

My youngest daughter and her husband came up from San Diego and my son and his wife joined my husband, Tyler and I for a wonderful time at the musical play “Wizard”.  What a fabulous event.  If you haven’t seen it yet (hard to imagine..)  you MUST!!  We all really enjoyed it.  We left laughing and chatting then went to pick up a great meal at the Smokehouse Restaurant in Burbank.  We took it to my parent’s house because Mom really cannot get out of bed.  We had a great meal!  Afterwards, Dad showed his award winning video in which each of us played a small part in the story of Mom and Dad’s 65 years of marriage.   I held Mom’s hand and she woke up for some of the scenes – perhaps she heard Dad’s voice .. or perhaps we were laughing at some fond memory and she wanted to share.

Turns out both of the kids bought me the same birthday card quite by chance…  Can you imagine… It had a dinosaur on it!!  I can’t imagine why!

Yesterday after seeing off my daughter, running over to Mom’s for a bit and then picking up a Christmas tree for our little guy, Tyler, I gave myself a treat and drove to the California Art Institute where my art teacher, Johanna Spinks, (a great teacher and artist herself)  had arranged a demonstration by Estonian Portrait Painter, Aapo Pukk, who won best portfolio at the Portrait Society of America conference this year along with first honors in the International Portrait Competition.

What a special event to watch!  Not only is Aapo Pukk a wonderful artist, but he almost danced to the music in his head as the model and the canvas spoke to him.  It was so appealing.   Although English isn’t his first language, he was able to communicate his actions, ideas and emotions beautifully as he created a wonderful portrait of a fellow Estonian who had agreed to serve as a model for the demonstration.  Each stroke of his brush was entrancing and as the painting flushed out, one couldn’t help but smile at the lively and engaging portrait being created.

Aapo had several paintings and other materials displayed.  I was so impressed by the range of style and media with which he is fluid and fluent.

You may enjoy visiting his website at:


Also take a look at the wonderful work of Johanna Spinks, who was recently juried in as an artist member of the California Art Club and received an impressive award in New York for her portraiture.  She is the California Co-State Ambassador, The Portrait Society of America.